Subcontractor sees no quality-control problems with 'beni-koji' supplements

Officials of a Japanese company that produced recalled health supplements that contain "beni-koji" ingredients say they see no problems with their quality control. "Beni-koji" is rice fermented with red yeast.

API is an original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, based in Gifu City, central Japan. It makes dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals.

The subcontractor produced "Benikoji CholesteHelp" supplements at its plant in Ikeda Town, Gifu Prefecture, for Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

Kobayashi recalled the supplements and some other products after receiving reports of health problems linked to them.
Officials of the Gifu prefectural government conducted an on-the-spot investigation at API's plant on Tuesday at the request of Osaka City.

API says it processed materials supplied by Kobayashi into pills, following the procedure manual.

The company says it took thorough hygienic and quality control measures and there is no chance that the products contain unintended substances.

API also says no major changes were made to the manufacturing process before or after September last year. Most of the reports of people experiencing ill health after taking the supplements relate to those produced after September 2023.

API officials say they are willing to cooperate with an investigation by public health authorities.