Hybrid vehicles in focus at New York auto show

Hybrid vehicles are in the spotlight at a car show in the United States. This comes as more automakers are trying to draw attention to their hybrid models amid signs of slowing growth for electric vehicle sales in the country.

The New York International Auto Show started on Wednesday with a media preview. More than 20 global brands have joined the annual event.

Ford Motor is displaying its popular hybrids alongside its EVs.

Toyota Motor is also exhibiting vehicles from both categories.

Another Japanese automaker, Honda, is showing electric SUVs sold under its own name as well as its luxury Acura brand. It plans to start selling the models in North America this year.

The Biden administration is offering a federal tax credit of up to 7,500 dollars for EV buyers to promote the eco-friendly vehicles.

But there have been moves among US automakers to postpone EV production at some of their plants, citing lower-than-expected demand.