Crews launch search after bridge collapses in Baltimore

Search and rescue teams have plunged into the waters off Baltimore, Maryland, after the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed on Tuesday. They are trying to find those believed to have fallen after a ship crashed into it. Six people are missing.

Authorities say a cargo ship sailing under a Singaporean flag left the port after midnight, headed for Sri Lanka. They say the crew notified them that they had lost power and issued a mayday. The authorities were able to stop drivers from going over the bridge. But the ship lost control then crashed into one of its pillars.

Construction workers were repairing the highway above. And eight of them fell into the water. Crews have managed to rescue two. They are still searching for the rest. Maryland Governor Wes Moore said, "We pray for the construction workers who were on the Key Bridge. And we pray for everyone who has been touched by this tragedy and their families and all of their loved ones."

The bridge opened in 1977. Roughly 30,000 commuters go over it every day. Its collapse has closed the port, one of the nation's largest shipping hubs.

US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday he has asked officials to move "heaven and earth" to reopen the port. He added that the federal government will pay the entire cost of rebuilding the bridge.