Major Japanese talent agency holds workshop on compliance for its comedians

A major Japanese talent agency conducted a large-scale workshop Wednesday on compliance measures for its comedians and entertainers.

The Osaka-based Yoshimoto Kogyo held the event in Tokyo following a series of scandals involving those who belong to the company.

In addition to about 600 participants at the venue, some 1,600 people reportedly took part in the event online.

A lawyer, who serves as Yoshimoto Kogyo's external board member, told the participants that if they are involved in any trouble, they could suffer serious financial losses, and their family members and the company could also suffer.

He said: "It's extremely important what steps to take first. If you've really done something, it's crucial to sincerely offer an apology and compensation at an early stage."

In areas requiring crisis management, he singled out inappropriate posts on social media and relationship troubles.

When asked how to respond to trouble with members of the opposite-sex, including past interactions, the lawyer told the participants they may be in trouble if they behave with the belief that comedians can be extraordinarily wild.

He said, "It's necessary to think how others would feel about your behavior and deal with matters on the assumption that your own experiences, and what is considered common sense in this industry, do not work in society."

Yoshimoto Kogyo has regularly been holding similar workshops after it came to light in 2019 that some of its comedians had close ties with anti-social forces. The company held the latest workshop due to subsequent revelations of other questionable cases.