Taiwan produces 'aircraft carrier killer' vessels ahead of schedule

Taiwan has delivered two more domestically built warships dubbed "aircraft carrier killers" by its local media to the navy far ahead of the initial schedule.

Taiwan has been rushing to build large quantities of the small-size vessel, as Chinese warships and aircraft are becoming increasingly active near the island.

It has compiled a special five-year budget from 2022 and commissioned the construction of the ships to a local shipbuilder.

The first vessel went into service in September 2021. The fifth and sixth ships were handed over to the navy on Tuesday, 20 months earlier than planned.

The "aircraft carrier killers" are twin-hulled vessels that can stably travel at high speeds. They are equipped with anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles. They also employ stealth technology that makes them difficult to detect on enemy radar.

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen attended a handover ceremony at a port in Yilan County and welcomed the completion of the first stage of the ship's production.

She said the global community acknowledges the outstanding efficiency of the vessels. Tsai added the results so far attest to Taiwan's capability to build the ships and its commitment to protect democracy and freedom.

Taiwan has been promoting an "asymmetric warfare" strategy to deter China's massive military prowess with highly maneuverable equipment.

It plans to build five more of these warships in the second stage of production by 2026.