Nissan to boost global sales by 1 mil. cars by fiscal 2026

Japan's Nissan Motor has announced a new management strategy, aiming to boost global sales by 1 million cars to a total of over four million units annually by fiscal 2026.

The automaker said on Monday it will launch 30 new models over the next three years. This would include 16 electrified models such as hybrids and fully electric vehicles.

Nissan says that, of the 1 million units, 330,000 will be sold in the Americas. Another 300,000 will be sold in Africa, Middle East, India, Europe and Oceania.

Two hundred thousand vehicles will be sold in China, and 90,000 in Japan.

As for EVs, Nissan aims to achieve a 30-percent cut in production costs through technological innovations in batteries and other efforts.

Earlier this month, Nissan signed a memorandum of understanding with Honda Motor for comprehensive cooperation. Nissan says it plans to find new partners for Japan and the US.

Nissan President and CEO Uchida Makoto says the company must adopt strategies that are best suited to the requirements of each market.