Philippines accuses China of injuring sailors with water cannon

China is once more being accused of roiling waters in the South China Sea. The Philippines on Monday summoned a Chinese diplomat to protest against what it called Beijing's aggressive actions in the disputed waters. It says China Coast Guard ships fired water cannon at a Philippine resupply vessel, damaging it and injuring three crew.

Manila says the incident took place Saturday near Second Thomas Shoal, where it has a military outpost. The Philippines says the area is within its exclusive economic zone.

It's the second time this month Chinese vessels have deployed water cannon against Philippine boats there, allegedly hurting sailors aboard them. Beijing claims the waters as its territory.

The Philippines says Chinese vessels also set up a floating barrier near the outpost to block the delivery of supplies.

Philippine defense secretary Gilberto Teodoro said on Monday that "if China is not afraid to state its claims to the world," it should take the case to international arbitration.

The Chinese government defended its actions, with a spokesperson demanding that the Philippines stop violating China's rights and making provocations.

The spokesperson described the delivery of supplies to the outpost as a plot for permanent illegal occupation.