Japan's Imperial Household Agency creates Instagram account

Japan's Imperial Household Agency has announced the creation of its official Instagram account, scheduled to start sharing updates on the Imperial Family from April 1. This is the first time the agency will use social media for public relations.

The agency set up the Public Relations Office last April to strengthen information dissemination, appointing personnel from the private sector. Since then, officials have been updating the agency's official website and considering the utilization of social media.

The agency created its Instagram account on Monday. It will start by posting images and videos of activities of Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako, and plans to gradually add content.

Its Instagram account will be linked to its official website for cross-referencing.

The agency asks that people send comments and messages to its website, as such functions will not be made available on the Instagram account.

The officials say they chose Instagram because it is popular among young people and emphasizes visual content.

The agency hopes the use of social media will help younger generations to better understand the Imperial Family.