Japan's money makeover gives city cause for celebration

The birthplace of famed entrepreneur Shibusawa Eiichi is celebrating his inclusion on Japan's new banknotes. The government will begin putting 10,000-yen bills into circulation from July 3 that will carry the image of the so-called father of the modern Japanese economy.

Residents of Fukaya City in Saitama Prefecture gathered at city hall to mark 100 days until the note's release. Officials hope to draw attention to their link to the banknote, which is equivalent to about 66 dollars.

The winners of a Shibusawa look-alike contest posed for photos to celebrate their newfound fame. City officials also plan to hold a parade to mark the issuance.

A woman at the event said, "I'm excited that they will finally go into circulation, and I plan to save the first one I get."

One of the three winners of the look-alike contest said that he hopes it will give the city's economy a boost.