N.Korean leader pays another visit to a tank unit

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has inspected a tank unit credited for entering the South Korean capital of Seoul during the Korean War.

North Korea's Korean Central Television reported on Monday that Kim visited the tank division the day before.

The division is said to have charged into Seoul in 1950.

The media unveiled a photo showing tanks bearing a North Korean flag making inroads into Seoul while clouds of dust rise from the road.

The news came close on the heels of Kim's previous inspection of the military's tank units on March 13, which featured a new North Korean battle tank.

The broadcaster reported that Kim set forth guidelines for strengthening in every way the combat preparations and combat efficiency.

The latest visit also coincides with Kim's series of inspections of artillery units and super-large, 600-millimeter multiple rocket launcher firing drills this month, which highlight the North's willingness to improve its conventional weaponry.

Meanwhile, South Korean media have commented that as Pyongyang suffers fuel shortages as a result of economic sanctions, its use of tanks will be greatly affected in the event of actual warfare.