Russia, Ukraine may intensify offensives following Moscow attack

Russia and Ukraine may intensify their offensives following a terrorist attack on a concert hall in a Moscow suburb on Friday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin insinuated that Ukraine was involved in the mass shooting. Kyiv flatly denies any connection to the attack.

Ukraine's Air Force said on Sunday that Russia launched 57 cruise missiles and drones against the country and that it destroyed 43 of them.

There have been no reports of injury so far.

But the governor of Ukraine's western region of Lviv said two Kinzhal hypersonic missiles hit an energy-related facility, causing a fire.

Poland's armed forces said a Russian cruise missile launched at Lviv had violated Poland's airspace. It said the object entered Polish airspace in the east and stayed there for about 40 seconds before returning to Ukraine.

Warsaw said it will demand an explanation from Moscow.

Also on Sunday, the Ukrainian military said it hit two large Russian landing ships in attacks on the port city of Sevastopol in the Russian-occupied Crimea Peninsula.

Russia's state-run news agency reported that more than 10 Ukrainian missiles were fired at Crimea on Saturday. It said one person was killed by debris from the downed missiles, and four others were wounded.