Philippines vessel crew again injured by Chinese Coast Guard water cannon

The government of the Philippines has said its military supply vessel was hit by water cannon fired by Chinese Coast Guard ships in the South China Sea, causing injuries and damage. This follows a similar incident earlier this month.

The Philippines' National Security Council announced early on Saturday that its vessels were harassed near a military outpost on the Second Thomas Shoal. Beijing claims the area as its territory.

The announcement said the ships were carrying replacement military personnel and supplies, and that China's action caused injuries to the crew, and led to significant damage to one of the vessels.

The Philippine military released footage of what appears to be the incident, as well as other altercations allegedly carried out by China's Coast Guard.

The Philippine government claims the area as its exclusive economic zone. It said the actions show the world that China recognizes "no reasonable or legal restraint nor limitation upon its actions under international law."

China's Coast Guard responded, saying the Philippine ships had forced their way into the waters despite its repeated warnings to stop. It accused the Philippines of intending to disrupt peace and stability in the South China Sea.

On March 5, crew members on a Philippine supply vessel were injured in a similar confrontation. This latest incident prompted further mutual criticism between the two countries.