US Congress passes budget bill after 6-month delay

The US Congress has overwhelmingly passed a budget bill after months of deadlock between the Democratic and Republican parties.

The fiscal year began six months ago in October. But about 70 percent of the budget had not been approved due to differences between the parties. A stopgap spending bill was passed to avoid a government shutdown.

The Senate passed the 1.2-trillion-dollar budget bill early Saturday morning. It includes funding for national defense and border security which the parties previously failed to agree on.

The House of Representatives has already approved the bill which will now be sent to President Joe Biden to sign into law.
But a hardline conservative Republican in the House has expressed resentment to the budget favorable to the Democrats. She filed a motion to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson, calling it a warning. A date for a vote has yet to be determined.

Last October, Johnson's predecessor Kevin McCarthy became the first House Speaker to be ousted in US history, after pushing through a temporary spending bill with the Democrats.