Russia: 11 suspects detained in Moscow attack, death toll rises to 115

Russian authorities say the death toll in Friday's deadly attack on a concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow now stands at 115.

The director of Russia's Federal Security Service, or FSB, Alexander Bortnikov reported to President Vladimir Putin that 11 suspects had been detained, including four who are believed to have been directly involved in the attack.

Gunmen opened fire at the concert hall in the city of Krasnogorsk, northwest of the capital on Friday evening. They then set the building on fire.

Russian investigators are calling the incident a terrorist attack.

A senior lower house member of Russia's Assembly said on social media that two suspects had been detained in Russia's western region of Bryansk. He said that weapons, including a pistol, and passports from Tajikistan were found in the suspects' car.

Footage released shows investigators examining guns and ammunition found at the scene of the attack. The gunmen are believed to have opened fire with automatic weapons before using flammable liquid to set fire to the hall.

The Amaq news agency, linked to the Islamic State extremist group, quotes sources as saying that the group's fighters attacked a crowd of Christians, "killing and wounding hundreds" of them and severely damaging the building.

Ukraine, meanwhile, has denied any involvement.

US National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson posted on the social media site X on Friday that the US government obtained information earlier this month about a planned attack in Moscow potentially targeting large gatherings, including concerts.

She also said Washington shared the information with Russia, in line with its longstanding "duty to warn" policy.