Wajima's morning market held in Kanazawa City

Vendors from earthquake-hit Wajima City in Ishikawa Prefecture set up a temporary market in the prefectural capital Kanazawa City on Saturday.

Wajima is famous for its morning market, but the street where it is held was severely damaged by fire in the January 1 quake.

Flags with the words "Let's do our best, Wajima Morning Market" were flown at the venue in Kanazawa's Kanaiwa Port.

The operators of twenty-nine shops opened for business beneath orange tarps that the market is famous for.

However, the vendors were one-third the usual number.

On sale was dried fish made from catches unloaded in Kanazawa City, as well as Wajima lacquerware that survived the disaster.

Visitors got to speak with the vendors as they shopped.

A woman in her 60's said she was encouraged by the conversations she had with the stallkeepers, and that she wants to keep supporting them.

Another woman in her 40's said she had never been to the morning market in Wajima, but that she enjoyed the experience and wants to go to the real one once the city is rebuilt.

The organizer of the event, Hashimoto Minako, who runs a restaurant on the morning market street, says she managed to keep up her morale because the event gave her something to look forward to.

She said she was happy to see the vendors smiling again, and that she will continue to work hard for the reconstruction of her hometown.