A Japanese orchestra aims to promote classical music in Southeast Asia

A leading Japanese orchestra recently held a concert in the Thai capital of Bangkok. The performance was part of moves by the Japanese orchestra to promote classical music in Southeast Asia.

The Tokyo Symphony Orchestra has launched a program named Asia Project in Thailand. The project aims to expand the fan base for classical music in the rapidly developing economies of Southeast Asia.

The orchestra was conducted on Friday night by Otomo Naoto, who has been active both at home and abroad.

Violinist Hattori Mone performed the Sibelius Violin Concerto with the orchestra.

About 1,600 people in the audience gave Hattori and the orchestra a big round of applause.

The orchestra signed an agreement of cooperation with philharmonics and universities in Thailand. It plans to hold joint concerts and help develop local artists.

Hirooka Yoshitaka, the head of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, said his orchestra wants to be deeply involved in music education in the region.

He said he wants to promote cultural exchanges like this to lift the level of music throughout Asia. He said it would also be great if music can transcend cultural differences and help build a bond between Asian peoples.