Ohtani returns to Los Angeles without interpreter Mizuhara

Japanese baseball superstar Ohtani Shohei is heading back to the United States without his interpreter, Mizuhara Ippei. The Los Angeles Dodgers have fired Mizuhara over allegations of illegal gambling and theft.

Mizuhara has often been steps away from Ohtani since the two-way player moved to the US in 2017. He traveled with the Dodgers to Seoul for the opening game of the Major League Baseball season.

However, lawyers for Ohtani then called the relationship into question, saying he has been the victim of a "massive theft." They did not disclose further details or specify who was responsible. Ohtani left Seoul on Friday and has not commented.

But US media outlets said Mizuhara used Ohtani's money to pay off illegal gambling debts of 4.5 million dollars.

US sports network ESPN reported that Mizuhara had said Ohtani agreed to pay the money. But he changed his story the next day, claiming Ohtani didn't know anything about the gambling. A spokesperson for the Dodgers reportedly said Mizuhara told the team that he has an addiction and that the entire situation was his fault.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts declined to comment when asked by reporters about what Mizuhara told the team.

Authorities in the US are already investigating the gambling allegations. And officials with the league are likely to look into the matter themselves.