Dozens of Rohingya rescued after boat capsizes off Indonesia

Dozens of Rohingya have been rescued after a ship capsized in waters off Indonesia. The refugees reportedly from Bangladesh were sailing to Australia seeking asylum. Many others may be missing.

A total of 151 people were reportedly on board the vessel. Some seventy-five have been rescued by local authorities and fishers. The UNHCR says it is concerned about the potential scale of loss of life.

Rohingya have been fleeing Myanmar to neighboring Bangladesh after a massive military operation in 2017. Life in refugee camps is harsh. Some instead try to make it to Indonesia by boat.

The UNHCR says nearly 2,000 Rohingya arrived in Indonesia over three months through February.

The influx has brought growing resentment towards the refugees. Some feel they are using up local resources. In December, students stormed refugee housing and demanded they be deported.

Media reports say some local residents have barricaded roads to block vehicles carrying the refugees rescued from the boat.