Ohtani and interpreter appear in newly authorized Japanese school textbooks

A story about LA Dodgers star Ohtani Shohei that introduces his interpreter Mizuhara Ippei appears in a new school textbook that Japan's education ministry authorized for use on Friday.

But Mizuhara has now come under scrutiny following media reports that he is suspected of having been involved in illegal gambling. The Los Angeles Dodgers said they had fired him.

The English textbook says Mizuhara is helping Ohtani get along with his teammates and assisting with his personal life.

The publisher of the textbook, Kyoiku Shuppan, said if the reports are true, it will have to consider how to respond, including changing the book's content.
Ohtani is referred to in more than 10 textbooks in a range of subjects such as Japanese, geography, home economics, English and moral education.

A moral education textbook, in a lesson how to achieve one's dream step by step, introduces Ohtani's "goal-setting sheet" that he used as a high school student.

The ministry's authorization council gave the greenlight to 101 textbooks for junior and senior high schools intended for use from April next year. The books had gone through revisions based on opinions from the screening officials.