LDP acknowledges 'inappropriate behavior' at party with female dancers

Japan's main ruling Liberal Democratic Party has acknowledged that inappropriate behavior occurred at a gathering of its junior lawmakers that featured female dancers in revealing costumes.

The LDP presented a report on the gathering to the largest opposition Constitutional Democratic Party after officials questioned people involved in the event.

The LDP's youth division in the Kinki bloc held the gathering in the western Japanese city of Wakayama in November last year.

The report says 50 people participated. The youth division's top and deputy heads at the time from the LDP's headquarters also attended. The two later resigned from their positions after the party.

The then head of the Wakayama prefectural chapter's youth division reportedly planned the performance by female dancers as a surprise, and did not inform attendees and the LDP's headquarters. The official later left the LDP after reports of the scandal.

The report says dancers in costumes resembling swimsuits performed onstage and near tables. Some participants reportedly presented tips to the women with using their lips or placed them inside their costumes.

An announcement asked attendees to delete photos or videos of the performance, after some people complained that it was inappropriate.

The report also says expenses for the gathering were covered by a fee of 5,000 yen, or about 33 dollars, paid by each participant and the general account of the prefectural chapter. It says grants the LDP received from the public were not used.

Constitutional Democratic Party officials said at an Upper House Budget Committee senior member session on Friday that the report fails to explain why public funding was not used for the gathering. They called for a more detailed report.