UN General Assembly adopts artificial intelligence resolution

The United Nations General Assembly has adopted a resolution calling on member states to cooperate on ensuring the safe and reliable use of artificial intelligence.

Member states approved the measure without taking a vote on Thursday. It was proposed by the United States and co-sponsored by more than 120 countries, including Japan.

The document calls on all member states to develop and support regulatory and governance frameworks related to safe, secure and trustworthy use of AI.

It also urges support for developing countries to provide inclusive and equitable access to the technology.

Introducing the draft, US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield said AI should be used to resolve global issues such as climate change.

She said, "We have the opportunity -- and the responsibility -- to choose, as one united global community, to govern this technology, rather than let it govern us."

The US says this is the first UN General Assembly resolution on the safety and reliability of AI.

This comes as the rapidly growing use of AI poses challenges, such as how to prevent its use to spread disinformation.