Musk's startup Neuralink shows video of brain-chip patient playing online chess

A startup co-founded by US entrepreneur Elon Musk has released a video showing its first patient implanted with a brain chip using his mind to play online chess.

In the video livestreamed by Neuralink on Wednesday, a 29-year-old patient who was paralyzed from below the shoulders after a diving accident 8 years ago, played chess on his laptop, moving the cursor around just by thinking.

He said that he has become able to move the cursor where he wants it intuitively by just staring at the screen. He said it feels like a magic.

In January, he became the first patient to receive a brain chip in a human trial conducted by Neuralink. In February, Musk said that the patient had become able to control the mouse, move the cursor around the screen by just thinking. At the time, Musk did not provide any video or other objective evidence to back up his claims.

Neuralink is among a growing number of research groups in the US that are working on brain-computer interface technologies for people with physical impairments.

Last year, a US medical venture published the results of a clinical trial on a device that reads brain signals through stents deployed into cerebral blood vessels. The venture said that the device allowed the patient to communicate without any problems for a year.