Biden administration announces final tailpipe emissions rules

The administration of US President Joe Biden has announced new rules on cars' tailpipe emissions.

The move is apparently aimed at making EVs more popular among consumers, as fighting climate change is a priority issue for the administration.

A draft announced in April last year called for strengthening standards from 2027. It said the emissions should be cut by 56 percent by 2032 from 2026 levels.

The administration has been finalizing the measure, after listening to opinions from a wide range of people.

The final regulations came out on Wednesday. They state that the pace of tightening the tailpipe standards would be more gradual in the first three years compared to the original recommendation. But the measure would still achieve the same amount of emission cuts by 2032.

The slower pace was apparently made in consideration of the automobile industry, which criticized the draft for being too strict.

A senior government official says that the new regulation will help further popularize EVs and plug-in hybrids. The official estimates that those would account for nearly 70 percent of new-vehicle sales in 2032.