Putin calls his election win a prelude to Russia's future victories

Russian President Vladimir Putin says his overwhelming win in the presidential election is merely the prologue to Russia's future victories.

Putin delivered a speech at the Kremlin on Wednesday during which he thanked authorized representatives who supported him in the campaign.

He said, "Winning the election is just the prologue to the victories that Russia needs so much and that are sure to come."

Putin also mentioned suspected cross-border attacks from Ukraine in Russia's western Belgorod region and said security is the primary goal, indicating plans to strengthen measures in border areas.

On Tuesday, Putin held a meeting at the Kremlin with leaders of parliamentary groups.

Russia's Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov told Putin he hopes the president's first overseas visit will be to the East and not the West, and that China's President Xi Jinping is awaiting his visit.

Putin responded that he will definitely consider it.

Earlier, Reuters reported, citing several sources, that after his fifth inauguration in May, Putin will travel to China for talks with Xi in what could be his first overseas trip of his new presidential term.