New train for Washington DC's subway unveiled

A subway operator in the Washington metropolitan area has unveiled the design of a train that Japan's Hitachi will manufacture in the United States.

The operator of the railway connecting Washington DC with neighboring states, including Maryland and Virginia, awarded Hitachi a contract to provide 256 train cars.

Hitachi says it is scheduled to deliver the first train in 2025.

On Tuesday, a full-scale model was on display for those invited to an unveiling event in Washington DC.

The train is said to feature a lighter body weight with enhanced energy efficiency. It also allows passengers to easily move from one car to another.

Japan's Ambassador to the US, Yamada Shigeo, told guests that infrastructure is an area with great potential for Japan to make further contributions "as the largest foreign investor" in the US.

He expressed hope that Japan's "high quality infrastructure," such as the rail cars, will be cherished by people for many years to come, in the same way that the region's cherry blossoms are appreciated.

Hitachi says full operations at a new factory will create about 1,300 local jobs. It says there is a possibility for the contract to be expanded for the provision of up to 800 cars, increasing the scale of the deal to a total of 2.2 billion dollars.