Putin celebrates 10th anniversary of Crimea annexation

Russian President Vladimir Putin has celebrated his latest electoral victory on the tenth anniversary of the annexation of Crimea. He said the peninsula is part of Russians' history, traditions and pride.

Russian forces seized Crimea in 2014 though most world leaders still recognize it as part of Ukraine. The troops have used the peninsula throughout the war as a link in their supply line and as a staging ground.

Putin delivered a speech on Monday in Moscow's Red Square. He said annexing four other regions of Ukraine proved far more difficult. "Their return to the homeland was much more grave and tragic," he said. "But, in the end, we did it. It is a big event in the history of our country."

Putin took the stage alongside the three candidates who ran against him. He told the crowd that he wants to connect a railroad through parts of occupied Ukraine all the way to Crimea.

Ukrainians are still fighting to take back the peninsula. Many attended an event in Kyiv showcasing the history of the annexation and the power of resistance. "I hope we win so we take back our territory which are occupied right now," one man said.

Ukrainian leaders have said they want to "liberate" Crimea as soon as possible, with support from their allies.