Ukraine to speed up drone development, commander-in-chief says

Ukraine's military chief says his forces will prioritize technology, including drones, to fight Russia, which has more weapons.

Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief Oleksandr Syrskyi made the comment Monday on social media.

It comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin was overwhelmingly re-elected over the weekend, and indicated his country will continue its aggression in Ukraine.

Syrskyi said his priority is developing unmanned systems. He said his forces are looking for asymmetric solutions to gain an advantage over Russia.

Ukraine's military has been stepping up attacks on infrastructure in Russia using drones. The country's media report that the military has carried out drone attacks on at least nine Russian regions over the past two weeks, and that the targets included oil refineries.

Ukrainian forces are short of ammunition due to the slow pace of military assistance from the West, and are facing Russian offensives on the front lines. To cope with this, Ukraine is focusing more on producing drones and improving their capability, as well as conducting strikes on Russia's oil facilities, which are an important revenue source for Moscow.