Kabul: Pakistan airstrikes in Afghanistan kill 8

The Taliban, who hold power in Afghanistan, say neighboring Pakistan carried out cross-border airstrikes that left eight people dead.

Concerns are growing that relations between Kabul and Islamabad are worsening.

The Islamist group said in a statement Monday that Pakistani planes bombed Paktika and Khost provinces.
It said homes were destroyed and those killed were women and children.

The group condemned what it called the "reckless" attacks, warning they will have "very bad consequences."

Pakistan has not issued an official comment.

Meanwhile, Pakistan's military says a suicide attack Saturday on a security post in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, bordering Afghanistan, killed seven of its soldiers.

It says several attackers rammed an explosive-laden truck into the facility then blew themselves up.

A senior Pakistani government official blamed an Islamic extremist group based in Afghanistan.

Pakistan says terrorist attacks in its territory have originated in Afghanistan. It has repeatedly accused the Taliban interim government of supporting them. The group denies involvement.