S.Korean military: N.Korea fires possible short-range ballistic missiles

South Korea's military says North Korea fired what are believed to be short-range ballistic missiles on Monday morning.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said the possible ballistic missiles were launched from near North Korea's capital, Pyongyang, toward waters east of the Korean Peninsula.

The projectiles flew about 300 kilometers.

South Korean forces say the country is sharing information with Japan and the United States and conducting a detailed analysis.

The last time North Korea fired a ballistic missile was in January. At that time, the country conducted its first test launch of a solid-fuel intermediate-range ballistic missile.

The North Koreans could have fired ballistic missiles to improve their performance. Pyongyang has been stressing its missile development in line with its five-year national defense plan unveiled in 2021.

A South Korean expert says North Korea's latest move was an apparent show of defiance toward the US and South Korea. The two countries held a regular joint military exercise through Thursday.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is in South Korea to attend the Summit for Democracy. The meeting, which opened on Monday, is designed to unite democratic countries. Some observers say North Korea wanted to demonstrate its military power by firing ballistic missiles.