Israel, Hamas may resume negotiations on Monday

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz and other news outlets say an Israeli delegation is expected to leave for Qatar on Monday to resume ceasefire talks with Hamas.

The Israeli Prime Minister's Office says it will hold a Cabinet meeting on Sunday to discuss negotiations with Hamas on the release of hostages and a ceasefire. The two sides are expected to restart their talks on Monday.

Behind this move is a new truce proposal that Hamas recently presented to Israel.

Reuters news agency says Hamas has proposed that Israel free 700 to 1,000 Palestinians detained in Israeli prisons in exchange for the release of women, elderly people and some other hostages held by the group.

The report says Hamas is also offering to release more hostages after the two sides agree on a date for the ceasefire.

But it remains to be seen whether progress will be made in the negotiations as Israel and Hamas have not been able to narrow their differences.

Hamas is ultimately calling for a ceasefire as well as the Israeli military's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, while Israel refuses to do both.

Israeli forces are continuing their offensive in Gaza. Palestinian media say Israel attacked the central part of the enclave on Saturday night, killing at least 11 civilians.