Israel rejects Hamas truce proposal

Ceasefire negotiations on the Gaza Strip remain stalled, as Israel has rejected the latest proposal by Hamas.

The Palestinian Islamic group posted a statement on social media on Friday. Hamas said it had presented a ceasefire proposal to Israel through Egypt and Qatar, which are serving as mediators.

It demands, among other things, that the Israeli military stop its operation and withdraw from Gaza.

The Israeli Prime Minister's Office responded by saying that Hamas is continuing to hold onto "unrealistic demands."

In Gaza, 27 children have reportedly died of malnutrition. This comes as the Israeli forces continue their military operation.

Local health authorities say residents of Gaza City, which is located in the northern part of the enclave, were attacked by Israel's forces as they waited for food and other supplies. They say 175 people had been taken to hospitals as of Thursday. The authorities noted that some of them had died.

Tensions were rising in Gaza ahead of the first Friday prayers of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

To prevent trouble during the Friday prayers, Israeli authorities are restricting the entry of Muslims into a mosque in Jerusalem's Old City.

Hamas has been calling on people in Jerusalem and Arab nations to take action and protest against Israel.