LDP: 82 party lawmakers did not report or underreported ticket sales revenue

Japan's main ruling Liberal Democratic Party has informed the opposition that 82 of its lawmakers failed to register revenue from sales of fundraiser tickets in political funds reports, or did not register them correctly.

The LDP conducted a survey last week on all 374 of its lawmakers in the Diet, as well as 10 branch chiefs who are slated to run in the next general election.

They were asked whether they had any unreported revenue from the sales of faction fundraiser tickets. If so, they were requested to disclose the amount for each year for the five-year period through 2022.

The LDP conveyed the result of the survey to the opposition at a meeting of Lower House Budget Committee directors on Tuesday.

It said 82 lawmakers and three branch chiefs had either unreported revenue or made incorrect reports.

Former party Secretary-General Nikai Toshihiro topped the list with 35.26 million yen, or about 240,000 dollars, in unreported or underreported revenue.

The total for former policy chief Hagiuda Koichi was 27.28 million yen, or about 180,000 dollars.

In addition, some factions have explained that reports were incorrect because they had urged lawmakers not to report kickbacks from fundraiser ticket sales.

The LDP said it has known about the 82 lawmakers and that it has already finished questioning them.

The party has vowed to undertake political renovation and self-reform to prevent similar scandals from occurring again.

Meanwhile, opposition members of the Lower House Deliberative Council on Political Ethics asked its chair Tanaka Kazunori to hold a session on the issue with senior LDP officials in attendance.