Swift's tour estimated to give Japan economy 34 bil. yen boost

An economist says US pop singer Taylor Swift has given a significant boost to Japan's economy.

Eto Mitsumasa says Swift's four days of concerts in Tokyo last week have generated an economic impact of over 34 billion yen, or about 228 million dollars.

The effects of ticket sales are estimated at around 5.4 billion yen, or about 36 million dollars. Merchandise sales account for 3.4 billion yen, or about 23 million dollars.

Those numbers combined with spending by out-of-town fans on accommodation, transportation and other services are believed to have stimulated the economy by 15.6 billion yen, or nearly 105 million dollars.

Further ripple effects include extra pay for workers at hotels and restaurants.

Eto is a part-time lecturer at Tokyo City University. He says relatively high ticket prices for the shows at the Tokyo Dome pushed up his estimates.

Eto believes the actual economic impact could be bigger, as many fans also traveled from overseas to see Swift's concerts.

Her US tour is estimated to have stimulated the US economy by 5 billion dollars.