Iran's President Raisi condemns Israel, US over Gaza conflict

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has reiterated his harsh criticism of Israel and the United States over the conflict in the Gaza Strip.

Raisi delivered a speech in the capital, Tehran, on Sunday to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

Raisi said that if people want to get to know Israel and the US, they should witness war crimes against Palestinian people. He said that the US is now the advocate of those crimes.

Raisi also said that Western countries did much to prevent Iran from supporting Palestinians, but the Palestine issue is the first priority of the world of Islam.

Iran has been backing the Islamic group Hamas and other militants.

Crowds of citizens gathered at squares and took to streets across Iran to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution with some of them holding Palestinian flags.

The 1979 revolution led to the overthrow of the pro-US Pahlavi dynasty and the present-day Islamic Republic of Iran which is governed by Islamic law scholars.

Since then, Iran has adopted hardline anti-US policies. It has also taken Israel as its enemy as Israel continues to occupy Jerusalem, which includes a major holy site of Islam.