Gingko tree grown with seeds from Hiroshima survives wildfire in Chile

Some gingko trees originating from Hiroshima have survived a wildfire that swept through a botanical garden in central Chile.

They were reportedly grown with seeds from trees dating back to the atomic bombing of the Japanese city in 1945.

They are located in a section called Garden of Peace.

A civil organization in Hiroshima presented the seeds to the National Botanical Garden in Vina del Mar about 10 years ago.

The gingko leaves have turned brown due to the heat, but a worker determined that the damage is not fatal.

Head of horticulture Adriana Arancibia said, "I am grateful to the people of Japan because this gives me hope, in my work and to my coworkers."

Most of the botanical garden has been scorched. One employee was killed along with three of her family members.

Massive wildfires have recently devastated wide areas of Chile, killing at least 131 people.