World media report death of Japanese conductor Ozawa Seiji

Media outlets around the world are mourning the death of Japanese conductor Ozawa Seiji, who died on Tuesday at the age of 88.

Leading French newspaper Le Figaro has reported his passing on its website with a headline calling Ozawa a "magician of classical music." The article articulated his accomplishments in music.

Another major French newspaper, Le Monde, said Ozawa won the top prize at a conducting competition held in the French city of Besancon in his early 20s. It described him as the "first Asian to break through as a conductor in the West."

Radio France said in an online article that Ozawa was "one of the greatest conductors, and perhaps one of the last living legends of classical music."

Ozawa had performed many times in France and received the country's highest order of merit, the Legion of Honor.

Chinese media has reported Ozawa's death as breaking news.

State-run China Central Television said Ozawa was born in what is now Shenyang in northeastern China, and lived in Beijing before returning to Japan in the wake of World War Two.

The Chinese TV broadcaster also said Ozawa had visited China many times to perform at concerts.

Chinese fans have posted messages on social media, calling Ozawa a conductor they love most, and one of the world's greatest artists.

One post says the sad news arrived on New Year's Eve. People in China will mark the Lunar New Year's Day on Saturday.