'Donation vending machines' set up in Haneda Airport to support quake victims

Tokyo's Haneda Airport has a pair of new "vending machines" that people can use to donate money to areas hit by the New Year's Day earthquake in central Japan.

The machines are catered to the hometown tax donation system, under which people can donate to local governments of their choice in return for tax deductions.

The machines accept donations to four municipalities in Ishikawa Prefecture -- the cities of Wajima, Suzu and Nanao, and the town of Shika.

Touch panels offer choices for donations ranging from 1,000 yen to 500,000 yen, or about 6.7 dollars to 3,350 dollars. Payments can be made through credit cards.

Users also need to register their names and addresses. They will later receive a certificate of their donation by mail.

The airport's terminal 1 and 2 have one machine each.

A woman who donated to all four municipalities said she feels connected to Ishikawa Prefecture because her father is from neighboring Toyama.

Another woman who donated to Wajima City said she was wondering how she could support the quake-hit areas. She said she spotted the vending machine and thought it was convenient.

An official of Nanao City said even a small amount of goodwill will help the municipalities, which are hoping to quickly recover from the disaster.