Kim says occupying S.Korean territory in the event of war is national policy

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says his country will occupy and annex South Korean territory in the event of war, stressing he would not hesitate to use force.

The North's state-run media reported on Friday that Kim visited the defense ministry with his daughter the day before. Thursday is the founding anniversary of the North's military.

Kim has been saying that his country now defines South Korea as the "most harmful primary foe" and "invariable principal enemy" rather than a potential counterpart for peaceful reunification. Kim reportedly said this policy change relieves his country from the constraints of having to hold dialogue and cooperating with the South.

The media outlet reported that Kim said the policy change was extremely appropriate for future peace.

Last month, Kim called for the country's Constitution to be revised to clearly define its territory that its sovereignty covers. In Thursday's speech, Kim referred to the demarcation line separating the two Koreas as a national border.

North Korea has conducted test launches of cruise missiles four times in 10 days through February 2.
Pyongyang reiterated its confrontational stance on the founding anniversary of its military.