Deliberately damaged rail tracks disrupt operations in western Japan

A large number of copper cables attached to train tracks have been cut off in Yamaguchi Prefecture, western Japan, causing train services to be temporarily suspended.

West Japan Railway Company says its workers found the damage on the rails of the Ube and San-yo lines on Wednesday and Thursday.

The copper cables are attached to joints on the rails that allow electrical currents to flow through the track. Damaged cables have been taken away. Company sources say more than 100 such parts have been removed on the two lines.

The locations include Ajisu Station on the Ube Line, where multiple cases were found on Thursday evening. The company suspended operations between Shin-Yamaguchi and Ube stations for the rest of the day to repair the cables.

The San-yo Line in Yamaguchi Prefecture also had the same problem on Wednesday and Thursday, which caused train services to be temporarily suspended.

Police are investigating the incident after the company reported the damage.