N.Korea funds weapons programs with cyberattacks, UN experts say

UN sanctions monitors suspect North Korea of funding its nuclear and missile development programs with money gained through cyberattacks.

A UN panel of monitors recently submitted its report to a Security Council committee. The report is scheduled to be made public sometime in the coming weeks.

UN diplomatic sources quote the report as saying North Korea is suspected to have obtained about 3 billion dollars' worth of assets through 58 cyberattacks on cryptocurrency-related firms between 2017 and 2023.

The report says Pyongyang reportedly uses the money to help bankroll the development of its weapons of mass destruction. It says the North has "further developed nuclear weapons and produced nuclear fissile materials."
The report says experts are carrying out an investigation into many of the suspected cyberattacks reportedly perpetrated by hacking groups subordinate to North Korea's Reconnaissance General Bureau.

The document says the panel is also looking into reports from UN member states about North Korea's supplying of conventional arms and munitions in contravention of sanctions.

North Korea is accused of violating UN Security Council resolutions by exporting ballistic missiles to Russia for use in its invasion of Ukraine.