Expert team leaves for quake-hit city in Ishikawa to restore water supplies

An expert team has left for a quake-hit city in Ishikawa Prefecture to help restore water supplies.

Some 37,500 households and businesses in Ishikawa were without running water as of 2 p.m. on Wednesday.

In the city of Nanao, about 13,300 of them still have no access to tap water.

Officials from the city of Tonami in Toyama Prefecture decided to send an eight-member team of experts to Nanao.

Tonami Mayor Natsuno Osamu encouraged the team at a departure ceremony on Thursday.

He said he wants them to contribute to restoring water supplies as soon as possible for people affected by the disaster, although the weather is cold and tremors are continuing.

Tonami city officials say the eight will travel between the two cities daily until running water is restored in Nanao. Their tasks include identifying where water is leaking and carrying out repairs.

A team member says he wants to do his utmost to help people in Nanao to quickly resume their normal lives.