Russian strikes kill five in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities

Ukraine's presidential office says Russian missile and drone strikes on Kyiv and other cities killed five people and wounded at least 48 others on Wednesday.

The Ukrainian Air Force said Russia fired 64 missiles and drones, of which they shot down 44.

The attacks struck a residential building in Kyiv and cut off electricity in parts of the city.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell was in Kyiv on a visit to discuss support for Ukraine.

In a social media post, Borrell wrote, "Starting my morning in a shelter as air alarms are sounding across Kyiv," adding it was part of the daily reality of Ukrainians.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the New York Times quoted "American-allied intelligence officials" in reporting that Russia has allowed the release of frozen North Korean assets.

It said Russia has cleared the release of 9 million dollars out of 30 million, and that Pyongyang will use the money to buy crude oil.

The newspaper said Russia may be trying to help North Korea in exchange for missiles and ammunition from the country.

The report also stated that a North Korean front company recently opened a bank account in Georgia's breakaway region of South Ossetia, which has close ties with Russia. The report quoted intelligence officials as saying this may be evidence that Russia is helping North Korea get around UN sanctions that have largely shut the country off from international financial networks.