Tokyo business district launches 'Disaster Dashboard'

Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward and property developer Mitsubishi Estate have launched a digital tracking and information system to help people left stranded in the area after a major disaster.

Officials unveiled their new "Disaster Dashboard" system to media on Wednesday as it went into operation.

The system uses location and other data to find where people are stranded and inform them where they can get help.

Chiyoda Ward is home to many office buildings. Ward officials estimate that around 42,000 people would be stranded in the Marunouchi area alone following a major disaster.

They say the new system uses display screens, PC terminals and QR codes to show the locations of temporary evacuation centers. It can also display a map showing the number of injured people arriving at evacuation facilities.

An official of Mitsubishi Estate, Sawabe Kotaro, said information can be difficult to access during a disaster. He expressed hope the new system can keep people informed and prevent overcrowding at evacuation centers.