Japan to help Philippine group aiding cataract patients

Japan is stepping forward to offer help to people in the Philippines who need eye surgery but are unable to access medical services.

The project will include the dispatch of machines for cataract surgeries and will be assisted by a Japanese ophthalmologist who was awarded what's known as "Asia's Nobel Prize".

Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines Koshikawa Kazuhiko and Eva Fidela Maamo of the Foundation of Our Lady of Peace Mission signed an agreement on Tuesday.

Japan will provide more than 100,000 dollars to purchase the two machines.

The Japanese ophthalmologist Hattori Tadashi, who was awarded the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2022, will assist Maamo's group. Hattori received the award for the many decades he devoted to providing free eye surgeries in Vietnam.

Koshikawa said, "Through the project, we hope that many underprivileged cataract patients will be able to receive Dr. Hatorri's treatment and regain clear light in their vision."

Maamo is a nun and surgeon and was also given the Ramon Magsaysay prize in 1997. The annual award recognizes people and groups that have contributed to peace and development in Asia.