Ethnic group: Myanmar junta attacks schools

Two schools in Myanmar have been hit by airstrikes carried out by the junta in its fight against ethnic armed groups.

A statement released by one of the ethnic groups says the airstrikes in the eastern state of Kayah on Monday targeted two villages. Several children were among those killed.

A video shows damaged buildings in the village of Loi Nan Hpa that included a school. An elderly man died in the attack.

An airstrike on another school in a nearby town killed 4 students, and injured at least 14 others.

Some of the children attending the schools are believed to have been displaced by earlier battles between the military and opposition forces.

The military seized power in a coup in February 2021.

Since October, ethnic armed groups and pro-democracy forces have been intensifying their offensive, and have taken control of a number of towns and military posts.

In response, the military has launched more airstrikes, resulting in many civilian deaths including children and women.

Nine members of the UN Security Council have condemned what they call "indiscriminate" airstrikes by the Myanmar military and have urged it to stop its attacks on civilians.