Flower market in southern China attracts shoppers before Lunar New Year holidays

A major flower market in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou is attracting crowds eager to purchase good luck decorations ahead of the Lunar New Year holidays.

Preparations are underway across the country for the holidays, which start on Saturday.

In Guangzhou, a large-scale flower market opens annually, as there is a tradition of decorating homes with flowers during the Lunar New Year. Cultivation of flowers is a major local industry thanks to the warm climate.

The market, set up in busy streets, attracts people looking to buy New Year decorations and auspicious flowers, such as orchids and peach blossoms. Many capture the festive atmosphere with photos and videos on their smartphones.

A visitor said she hopes that her grandchildren will do well in their studies, her children's work will progress smoothly and her entire family will stay healthy in the coming year.

However, some shoppers voiced concern about China's slow economic recovery against the backdrop of a weak real estate market.

They said that this year's flower market may not be as bustling as in previous years due to declining incomes.