Ohtani Shohei of LA Dodgers begins training in Arizona

Major League two-way star Ohtani Shohei has begun practicing at a training field used by the Los Angeles Dodgers in Arizona.

Ohtani joined the Dodgers for the 2024 season after leaving the Los Angeles Angels.

The Japanese baseball sensation appeared at a training facility in Glendale on Monday morning before the team kicks off pre-season camp for pitchers and catchers, as well as players recovering from injuries, on Friday.

Ohtani practiced sprinting with a trainer, wearing a weighted belt around his waist to make the workout more challenging.

Ohtani and his trainer checked data on running distances and speeds, heart rates and other data on his physical condition.

He also practiced tee-batting. He appeared not to worry about his right elbow, where he received surgery last year.

The two-way star is set to play just one way for this season, as a batter.

Ohtani said he can do tee and toss batting training with almost 100 percent strength.

Ohtani said if his training goes well, he believes he can play in the season opener to be held in South Korea on March 20.