Snow accumulating in flatlands in Kanto-Koshin, including central Tokyo

Japanese weather officials say the snowfall is intensifying in the Kanto-Koshin region, including central Tokyo and Yokohama City on Monday. Heavy snow is expected through Tuesday morning, with possible disruptions to road traffic and public transport.

The Meteorological Agency says a developing low-pressure system is moving east along the southern coast of the main island of Honshu, bringing heavy snow to the Kanto-Koshin region.

As of 6 p.m. on Monday, the depth of snow was 62 centimeters in Kusatsu Town in Gunma Prefecture, 48 in Iiyama City in Nagano Prefecture, 20 in Oku-Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture, 8 in Maebashi City in Gunma Prefecture, and 3 in Utsunomiya City in Tochigi Prefecture, Kofu City in Yamanashi Prefecture, and Saitama City. Central Tokyo and Yokohama City had 2 centimeters.

It is the first time since February 11 in 2022 that central Tokyo has seen more than one centimeter of snow.

A heavy snowfall warning has been issued for wide areas across the Kanto-Koshin region.

Snow flurries are forecast to continue, with heavy snowfall expected even in the flatlands through Tuesday morning.

During the 24 hours through Tuesday evening, snowfall could reach up to 40 centimeters in the mountainous areas of northern Kanto; 30 centimeters in the Koshin, Hakone, Tama and Chichibu regions; and 15 centimeters in the plains of northern and southern Kanto. Tokyo's 23 wards may get up to 8 centimeters of snow.

Officials are calling for people to be on the alert for possible traffic disruptions caused by snow and icy roads. Caution is also urged about snow accumulating on power lines and trees, collapsing greenhouses, and avalanches.
They are also recommending avoiding non-essential outings and going home early if possible.

Motorists are advised to refrain from driving if their vehicles are not equipped with winter tires.