North Korea warns over Seoul's recent military drills

North Korea's state-run news agency has denounced South Korea for conducting a series of military exercises since the start of the year.

The Korean Central News Agency carried a commentary on Monday. It said that what it calls various war drills could have consequences that would completely end the weak fate of the Republic of Korea as a puppet state.

The warning came after the South Korean military conducted a solo drill, as well as a joint maritime exercise with Japan and the United States that included a US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier last month to bolster its response capabilities against the North.

The commentary also criticized South Korean Defense Minister Shin Won-sik's remarks he made to an air force unit last month.

During his visit, Shin said that if Pyongyang opts for waging war, the unit must "be at the vanguard of removing the enemy's leadership at the earliest possible time and put an end to the regime."

The commentary said such "ludicrous statements" could become a "catalyst" for a physical clash.

North Korea has revised its policy towards South Korea, and now define the South as a hostile nation rather than a potential counterpart for unification.

Pyongyang launched cruise missiles four times in the 10-day period until last Friday as it steps up a confrontational approach toward South Korea.