Heavy snowfall in China's inland areas disrupts Lunar New Year exodus

Heavy snowfall in China's inland areas is affecting expressways, high-speed railways and flights as people head for their hometowns for the Lunar New Year holidays.

China's weather officials say Hubei and Henan provinces are among the areas that have been hit by heavy snowfall since last week.

State-run CCTV reports that high-speed railway stations, including Wuhan in Hubei Province, are exceptionally crowded due to delays and the suspension of some train services.

Expressways running through Hubei and Henan provinces are heavily congested.

Chinese media quoted travelers who complained they were still trying to get to their hometowns two days after their departure.

There have also been reports of casualties after heavy snow caused the roofs of a gymnasium and a food markets to collapse in some cities.

Chinese weather authorities predict that the heavy snowfall will continue through Wednesday.